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Bio-Beatriz González Correa
Since childhood I have had a special passion for music and I always look for the opportunity to make music and participate in performances at festivals, school, fair, with family, friends at Christmas or birthdays and all types of events that are nearby. I have taken music lessons and courses in different styles such as modern, classical, electronic and spiritual music. In addition, I am self-taught for all other music genres.
In my youth my hobbies were singing, playing guitar, dancing (jazz), musicals, and so on.
Around my twenties while going out, my curiosity in music was further aroused, especially by performances by DJs I often stood next to. I experienced that this is also a nice way to discover new music; meeting new people and seeing people enjoying the atmosphere.
In the years that followed I was able to put this (for me best) hobby into practice, next to my study and/or work, by playing music as a DJ, singing in cover bands and by carrying out a number of projects of my own music.
Social life, diversity, communication and enjoying new music styles and stories, are the reasons why I chose this profession as a DJ and singer-songwriter.

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